Student must develop a marketing plan for a health-related service or product of their choice. All components of a marketing plan must be included and thoroughly developed to include accurate information based on the market area
The service or product may be related to an organization in which you work, have worked in the past, or one in which you have an interest. Provide a detailed discussion of the services your facility will offer
Include a detailed competitor analysis that covers competing providers. Detailed information includes items such as ownership, legal organization, length of time in business, and services. Finalize your competitive analysis with thoughts on how these other facilities may impact your own
Develop a strategic plan for use in marketing your service or product. Detail your strategies with creative discussion of the marketing tools available to facilities in this current healthcare marketplace. Differentiate your service or product based on the unique marketing strategies you will utilize. Provide detailed information on marketing expenses and how the facility will analyze return on marketing investments
The marketing plan must include the following sections:
Cover page (including names of all participants)
Table of contents
Executive summary
Environmental analysis
Industry overview
Service overview
Proposed research plan
Target market
Competitive analysis
Promotional strategy
Distribution plan
Plan for performance measurement
Use student notes and the text for information on completing a marketing plan
All sources, Internet or otherwise, must be appropriately cited
Use the number of pages you feel is necessary to adequately and thoroughly discuss this topic
Use APA format where applicable

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Differentiate your service or product based on the unique marketing strategies you will utilize
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