Devise a list of five to seven social norms that you conform to in your classes (or our society), that is, conscious or unconscious behaviors to which class members are expected to (and generally do) adhere.
Ex. Raise your hand to be called on in class.
Say excuse me when you mistakenly bumped into someone walking.
Dress code business verses pleasure
Invading your classmate’s personal space. .>What are the potential consequences of disregarding these norms? Provide Examples and give thorough explanations.
To state this “Positively”, what benefits do these norms offer our group/a group? Provide Examples and give thorough explanations.
Differentiate between compliance and obedience. Provide examples.
Do we comply with these norms or do we obey them? Explain Why?
Why do a percentage of people in our society (or others) obey to social norms and adhere to them more aggressively than others?


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Differentiate Between Compliance and Obedience
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