Did WWI Benefit Canadian Women’s Quality of Life?discuss

1. Length: 1100 words, typed and doubled spaced.
2. Title Page: see sample at the end of this assignment.
3. Footnotes/End notes: All research papers must include footnotes or endnotes citing material used.
4. Bibliography: All sources used must be referenced using Chicago-Turabian.
5. Submission: The assignment will be completed in four stages. All stages must be submitted in hard copy. In addition, an electronic copy of the final stage must be submitted to <button type=”button” data-after=”Copied to clipboard” class=”link-visual copy-content-on-click tooltipstered”>turnitin.com
6. Select a minimum of four sources to conduct research. You may only use one website2 and one textbook or encyclopaedia (including Wikipedia).

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Did WWI Benefit Canadian Women’s Quality of Life?discuss
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