Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor Domains
According to DeYoung (2015), “Bloom (1984) and his colleagues identified three learning domains: cognitive (knowing), psychomotor (doing), and affective (feeling, valuing) (p. 55).”

Nurse educators write measurable outcomes in all three domains. It is easy to write measurable outcomes in the cognitive and psychomotor domains. The challenge is writing measurable outcomes in the affective domain that relates to feelings, values, and beliefs. Beliefs and values are important concepts, and nurse educators must develop skills in writing affective domain outcomes.

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Developing skills in writing affective domain outcomes
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For this discussion, write a total of four affective learning outcomes that apply to the scenarios in the Vila Health simulation:

Two for the classroom setting.
Two for one of the clinical settings.
How will you measure each outcome?

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