For this project, you are the Director of Advertising and are responsible for the development of an Advertising Campaign. You may either use a fictitious company or a company of your choice. However, if you use a real company you are not allowed to simply copy the advertising campaign of that company. This is plagiarism and if you can find it on the Internet, so can you instructor.You may not use a company you have written about in a past course.

Your written plan should include the following sections: You should have a title page, reference page, in-text citations and at least 4 full pages of content. Remember to use Times New Roman, 12 pt font and double space your paper.

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Developing an Advertising Campaign
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– Overview. Discuss the overall goals with the advertising plan. What does your business seek to achieve by implementing this campaign?
– Describe the business’s current advertising and promotional efforts. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the advertising campaign? If this is a fictitious company, you will need to make this up.
– Discuss the current competitive market. What are the opportunities available and the threats to your advertising campaign?
– Identify your customers, who are also called your target market. Provide a customer profile of the group of consumers who you think will be most responsive to your advertising campaign and why.
– Discuss any research that would be completed to ensure success in your advertising campaign (for example: surveys, e-mails, polls, or even focus groups).
– Describe an advertising campaign for how you will reach your target market. Include in this campaign your main message and media plan to include which media and a schedule of advertisements.


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