Paper instructions:

Chapter 3 (p. 68)
Chapter 4 (p. 108)

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Design a Preschool Program.
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CITATION: Lally, M., & Valentine-French, S. (2017). Lifespan development: A psychological perspective. Illinois: College of Lake County.

Paper instructions:

Design a preschool program for children of one of the following age ranges:
•    birth to eighteen months
•    eighteen to thirty six months
•    ages three to five years
By…  Tell the age group for which you are designing the preschool.
•    What activities would you use to enhance the social, emotional, physical (gross and fine motor), and intellectual (cognitive) skills of your preschool students.
–    Explain how each of these aspects of development (social, emotional, physical and cognitive) are addressed by which characteristics of your program.
–     Tell what kind of space you would provide, what types of toys or other objects you would use, what types of assistance you would provide, etc. and tie them to each area of development.
•    Tie each area of your preschool environment to the theories you have studied during this module. Explain why you chose these activities with theories you have studied (you must include Freud, Erikson, Vygotsky, and Piaget; you may include additional theories of development as well) and explain how they address the four area of development.  You must mention a theory with each of the four areas.


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