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ob Description and Specification for the role of HR Business Partner
Responsible for providing real time and strategic employee relations engagement and management
through effective triage, stakeholder management, and thorough assessments using independent
judgment. Analyzes data and documentation to evaluate and influence employees and management
regarding employee relations. Works closely with management to implement corporate human
resources policies at the business unit / division level, such as salary review, stock renewal, workforce
planning, etc. Regularly makes decisions that impact the attainment of project objectives and
resources of employees. Contributes to development of company objectives and principles to
achieve goals in creative and effective ways. Leverages foundational organization capability
principles and/or design components to improve individual, group and organizational functioning.
Coaches, mentors and/or advises employees at all levels to help drive growth and development.
Works on significant and unique issues where analysis of situations or data requires an evaluation of
intangibles. Engage in HR program delivery to Intel’s business groups. Actively contributes to the
culture of agility and innovation. Supports the transformation of the Business HR organization into a
strategic learning organization that aligns to LEAN principles, efficiency and upskilling across
Business HR. Key skills and abilities include coaching, influencing, facilitation, presentation,
communication, process development, data analysis, and problem solving.
Should have a good and fairly extensive prior experience in a generalist HR Partner role Preferably in
a matrixed organization.

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Based on this information answer the following questions –
1. You have been asked to define the recruitment objectives for Intel. List the various
recruitment objectives that you will articulate for the company. Intel wants to hire 8 HR
Business Partners. Construct a recruitment pyramid and also provide justification for the
pyramid that you have constructed. (Suggested Length: 350-400 words ) (30 Marks)

2. ‘Recruitment advertisements have become much more than a mere announcement of a vacancy.
They are also a medium for strategic corporate communication and building employer brand.’
Do you agree with this statement? Justify your answer. Create a recruitment advertisement
for this position using all the four positioning strategies. Use your creativity and the
advertisement must be a unique one

3. What do you understand by operational training needs? For the role of HR Business Partner
identify various operational training needs. Justify each training need that you have identified
with clear rationale.

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