1. Wal-Mart combined used to be the largest retailer in the world with long tradition, large number of retail outlets. As you notice in the following diagram Amazon manage in 25 years to overpass Wal-Mart, Target, and seven other store chains combined, in terms of net worth. $527.3B $335.9B Combined Amazon Walmart Best Buy Target JCPenney Sear Kohe Nordstrom What is the future of large retailers that have invested heavinly in retail outlets considering the fact the electronic shopping is gaining ground over traditional shopping? How these large retailers can respond to this buiness challenge? 2. Describe the changes that ecommerce brings to the business environment. Refer to disrupted sectors and newly born sectors. Use examples. What types of threats and opportunities can be created to your professional environment by the raise of digital economy? 3. What are the mistones for the evolution of Digital Economy? 4. Describe the technology megatrends and how they affect the value of digital economy. 5. How is the value of digital economy is compared in relation to the global economy? 6. Describe the terms eBusiness, eCommerce, mCommerce and sCommerce,

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Describe the Technology Megatrends and how they Affect the Value of Digital Economy
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