Text Book Resource (Chapter 17):
See attached document.

“Describe the sources of information for financial statement analysis.”

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Describe the sources of information for financial statement analysis.
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Include citations from either the resource I’ve attached here and/or any other resource you may use.

Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner.
Direct quotes from references must be less than 20 words. Please review for sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors.

Length: 1 page of content
Font: Times New Roman size 12pt
Margin: 1″ all around

This order consisted of 2 half page prompts for 2 different chapters in the book I’ve attached as a resource.
In addition to the first prompt, there is a 2nd prompt regarding the material in Chapter 18 of the book I’ve attached. That prompt is “Describe the basic components of a products cost”. For both prompts, a half-page long paragraph should be written.
The paragraphs are separate and independent of each other.

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