Paper instructions:

1. Amid the current pandemic, hotel occupancy rates have decreased by 33.9%. Explain whether the role of services is still needed in the hotel world in this situation of decline in occupancy
2. The MICE segment is expected to recover in the second or third quarter of 2021. As an important component in services. Describe the role of employees in the success of MICE in terms of service management
3. The weekend leisure segment is helping the tourism industry to survive at this time, even though in terms of revenue it is small due to the short duration of stay. If you, as a service actor, provide concrete examples of weekend leisure packages that you can present to potential guests so that they can be satisfied staying at your hotel
4. Physical Evidence is the environment where services are delivered and where service providers and consumers interact along with all other components that support the realization or communication of services. Give a real-life example of a company that you see around us and explain how this physical evidence can differentiate that company from other similar companies

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