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The scarcity of transplantation organs is a huge public health issue worldwide. The average median waiting period in the USA in 2014 was three and a half years for a kidney transplant. The proportions of the waiting list do not reflect the real demand in full. Doctors often are hesitant to list patients who fear they are not able to obtain an organ realistically. The case for protecting life (except for scientific reasons) has an important role to play in putting facts on prohibitionists’ shoulders (those who want to ban organ sale). Although this ban will indeed lead to death (or at least discourage lifesaving), a substantial justification would be expected to proceed. Any later parts will clarify the reason for retaining the ban on organ purchases. There are more nuanced and complex arguments for the selling of organs. The present trade of organs definitely entails unnecessary and inappropriate amounts of damage. It is advisable not to dwell on the worst case, but on the possible amount of damage that will arise within a well-controlled scheme. In the UK, the probability of postoperative mortality (to the donor) is around one in 3,000. Free donation is not wrong; on the contrary, it is commonly perceived to be commendable and admirable. One objection is that no matter how risky a donation is, it must be no riskier than an unpaid donation. It may be argued that what is wrong with the selling of organs is not per se a threat, but rather that someone is being paid to place themselves at risk.

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