Spring, 2021

Class Assignment: Earthquakes

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Describe the magnitude of these seismic events. The legend button is at the bottom right hand corner of the map.
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Please submit this assignment on the eLearn site.
Refer to the assignment rubric available on the eLearn site as a guide for assignment evaluation.

Part A: Earthquakes in Canada

Natural Resources Canada monitors and records seismic activity for Canada. Go to the following link to answer the following questions.

Describe the pattern of seismic activity in Canada over the past month. Where do most of the seismic events occur? Explain this activity in terms of plate tectonics (What kind of boundary is associated with the region of highest seismicity?) What explains seismic events in other areas of Canada? You may have to look up an explanation for this in your text or in another resource.

Describe the magnitude of these seismic events. The legend button is at the bottom right hand corner of the map.

In the section titled Recent Earthquakes, find the earthquake that occurred 196 km W of Port Hardy, BC on 2020-12-25. What was the magnitude and focus depth of this earthquake? Look at the map provided on the website – describe the epicentre for this quake.

Part B: Personal Emergency Preparedness Plan

Being prepared and having a plan is the best way to reduce personal vulnerability to natural hazards. In BC earthquakes are common. Most of them are very small in magnitude although there is the potential for larger earthquakes to occur.

This small, but very important, assignment is about creating a personal preparedness plan for you and your family or immediate friends in the event of an earthquake.

How well is your home equipped with necessary supplies for you and others to be supported for 72 hours?
You are either at school or at work. How and where do you reconnect with family or friends? What is your plan if you are at home?

Prepare a personal plan for what you will do in the event of a large earthquake. Your plan should include information such as:
contact information – for friends or family,
supply lists of necessary items (such as non-perishable food, medical supplies)
supply storage location (Where will supplies be stored in your house?) and;
a plan B if you cannot remain at home/work (Where will you go to meet friends/family if your house is damaged?)


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