Paper instructions:

This assignment is designed to get you thinking about your final MEAD Project for the course.  While this activity is individual, we will be ultimately working in groups based on theme/topic.

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The semester has in-part been intended to help jog your memory on some basics in anthropology, and to inspire you on how you would present an issue, problem, or question informed by anthropology to a wider audience.  What is anthropology, what kinds of questions or issues does it raise for you, and how are the skills applicable?  What is the “Big Question” that interests you?  So, now it’s time to begin on some specifics.

Objective: To think about and synthesize your anthropological learning these past years, and to articulate to nonspecialist audiences the significance of an anthropological approach to a human problem.
Outcome: An initial proposal of how you would bring an anthropological perspective on a TOPIC OF PERSONAL IMPORTANCE AND INTEREST to a wider PUBLIC audience.In one post, answer the following questions:

1. What broad topic might you want to engage with your public anthropology project?  What specific issue or project that you are committed to (i.e. your “Big Idea” or a human/social issue about which you feel strongly)?  Answer this by discussing and exemplifying the “broad” (i.e. Diversity & Inclusion, “War on Science”, Global Climate Change) as well as potential “specifics” (i.e. “social stratification in Oxford through the built environment, climate refugees in the US, “race” issues at Miami through public discourses, Gender/Queer issues at Miami or in politics, etc).
2. What format or portfolio object have you chosen (i.e. video, Ted talk, museum display, research/policy paper, podcast)?  Why and how does your topic lend itself well to your chosen format, especially considering public consumption and the audience of your work?
3. You should include SPECIFIC reference to Fuentes (2012) to justify your approach.

The Short Activities Rubric will be used to grade this exercise.
1. Anthropological Perspectives (1) Exhibits awareness and understanding of ethnocentrism, cultural relativity, contexts, and power in all activities;
2. Course Concepts & Examples (1) Directly and appropriately utilizes course terminology in all writing and activities; Describes and utilizes appropriate examples from course materials (readings, films, individual fieldwork, media sources);
3. Follows Instructions & Puts in Effort (3)  Is this a compare/contrast discussion?  Did you find outside sources if required?  Were you supposed to upload an image?  Follow the directions!!  And put in some effort.

About the MEAD Project:
THE MEAD PROJECT – Public Anthropology Project:  This is your opportunity to communicate the relevance of your guiding anthropological question(s) for a public audience. We will work on this as a group in the final unit of the course. It will be produced in an iterative process through multiple drafts during the final unit of the course and completed as a group project.

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