Paper instructions:

As a luxury retail operations consultant, you have been asked to prepare a research report for the Board of Directors in your firm titled

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“Distribution expansion for (insert premium/luxury brand of your choice here): A report discussing the expansion strategy and plan for entry into new countries (United States/Middle East/Asia)”

Structure of your report (indicative word-count):

Your report should comprise the following sections:

·        Executive Summary: a short executive summary (approx. 150 words, not included in the word count) for the project. You should highlight the key points of your analysis and recommendations.

·        Introduction (approx. 300 words): a brief overview of the luxury brand including key recent successes/developments/issues and an overview of the retailer’s evolution/growth over the past three years.

·        Analysis (approx. 700 words): Prepare an analysis on the current distribution strategy for your brand. Consider the following:

1. Do they operate in any global markets at present?

2. What methods do they currently use in their COO and globally?

3. Identify which methods are effective/not effective and describe why.

4. Who is their current target market?

5. What is their market position?

· Recommendations and Conclusion (approx. 500 words): Formulate a five-year proposed growth strategy plan for the brand on expanded growth with the distribution strategy and possible expansion into either/all United States/Middle East/ Asia. Your recommendations must be feasible and adequately justified. You should also discuss how these recommendations would benefit the brand.

Submission requirements:

–        Format: written report;

–        Word count: 1500-2000 words. The count includes all text from the first word to the last word of your report. It does not include: executive summary, title page, table of contents, list of figures, tables and charts in the report, reference list and the appendices.

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