Summary of the problem The problem that we decided to shed light on is the problem of lack of awareness of the tourist places inside the Medina and the lack of adequate resources or an organized tourist trip for women, which makes citizens prefer to leave the country to spend their holidays insisting on visiting the great places in the Medina. Solution summary “WANDERING” is basically an application that organizes women’s tourist trips inside the Medina at low cost and will provide a service to the citizens of Medina and its visitors. Problem In the Medina, we face a clear problem in tourism for women and we have a large deficit in this industry, so we conducted a questionnaire and asked people about certain things related to tourism and one of the reactions and answers that were received to us (Are we even tourist places in the Medina!) Therefore, People don’t realize enough of the amazing attractions. Therefore, we decided to present an idea that could solve this problem and our solution is ” WANDERING” which means wandering or taking a trip. We chose this design and specific color for our logo because our app was created to encourage the spirit of women’s adventure. As we mentioned before “WANDERING” It is an ar organizes women’s tourist trips in the Medina at a low cost that is affordable for all, and highlights the beauty of tourist places inside the Kingdom led by women, which will provide a service to citizens and visitors to the Medina. We use a peer-to-peer business model. Solution “WANDERING ” is a unique idea that supports Vision 2030, which says that Saudi Arabia should rely on different sources other than oil, so we chose the field of tourism and entertainment in order to support this vision. We target adult women, friends and women interested in activities and travel industries. WANDERING mission statement is to highlight the beautiful places in Saudi Arabia that can be a great place to visit tourism and make women more aware of the beauty of Saudi Arabia. Our advertising plan We want to publish our brochures in colleges, streets and social media. As for the financial plan, we want to get funding from angels and companies to support startups. The main resources we need are website, app and designer

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