Below are two questions designed to reinforce the materials that we have discussed in class and that you have read about in the book. Each question is worth 1 point. All work should be conducted individually, meaning you are not to team upwith others to complete the questions. If you share answers, or if you work with another student, you will receive a score of zero (0) on the assignment, you will fail the course, I may file academic charges against you, and you may be expelled from the program. Answers will be graded on breadth, depth, and accuracy and partial credit will be awarded at my discretion. Providing incorrect information or not answering the question to its full potential will, of course, adversely affect your grade. Answerall of these questions on a separate page. All answers must be type-written. Your secondhomework assignment is due this Friday (2/18) by noon EST. Please submit this via the Digital Dropbox (10 percent reduction for each minute late). Simply combine all three assignments into a single document and place your name on the last page of the document (not on any other pages). For the SPSS assignment from last week, you can upload the SPSS file or take a screen shot of the data and upload it. The secondassignment is worth a total of 10 points. Failure to include your name will result in a 10 percent reduction.

1. Describe the Data Viewer, how it is used, and what it reveals. (1 point)

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Describe the Data Viewer, how it is used, and what it reveals.
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2. Describe the Syntax Editor. Make sure that your answer addresses why syntax is used.

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