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Q2. Sean is a skilled salesperson, but during the last year he lost sales primarily because of currency fluctuations in his territory. When he received a poor evaluation, he felt it was unfair to tie his ratings to the impact of macroeconomic changes. Do you agree with Sean? Why or why not? (6 marks)

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Describe the Benefits to the Selling Organization That May Result From Long- Term Customer Relationships.
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3. The goal of key account selling is to build long-term customer relationships and ultimately to achieve customer loyalty. Briefly describe the benefits to the selling organization that may result from long- term customer relationships. (5 marks)

4. Microsoft’s sales teams were traditionally focused on selling PCs to customers who rarely made purchases more than once a year. Now the firm prioritizes subscription sales of cloud storage and management solutions. Recommend to Microsoft’s sales planners whether they need more hunters or (5 marks) more farmers.

Q5. Wholesaling is often thought of as a less glamorous intermediary venture when compared with other channel intermediary operations, such as retailing. In your opinion, which of these two would be more difficult to manage-a wholesaling or a retailing operation? Which would seem to have the best chance, on the average of achieving a high ROI (return on investment) today? (5 marks)

Q6. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes—you’ll understand how to sell to the person better. Discuss with examples. (10 marks)

Q7. Magazine publishers usually offer discounts and gifts to people who subscribe to their magazines. In this way, they are able to gamer readers. However, the problem is of delivery of the copies. Courier services being too expensive to be viable for magazines – Rs.10 for a cover price of Rs.30 – the publishers appoint agents in different cities who then hire local delivery boys to deliver subscribers their copy. A magazine publisher found that its subscriptions were getting cancelled in a city because of delayed deliveries and lost copies. The agent said that given the low volumes and earnings, it was not viable to keep permanent staff and he or she had to rely on less paid delivery boys. A typical reason was, ‘so what if the magazine was delayed by a few days? Assuming you are the publisher, why would you do to improve deliveries without compromising on the budget? (10 Marks)

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