Assignment #4 – CRM Metrics Figure 8.21 CRM Metrics 102 Customer Service Sales Metrics Metrics Marketing Metrics Number of prospective Cases closed same day Number of marketing customers campaigns Number of new Number of cases New customer retention customers handled by agent Number of retained customers Number of responses by Number of service calls marketing campaign Number of open leads Average number of Number of purchases by service requests by type marating campaign Number of sales calls Average time to Revenue wed by resolution marketing campaign Some common CRM metres manager can use them of the system- wychowane hundreds of CRM metrics Figure 8.21 CRM Metrics 2012 Customer Service Sales Metrics Metrics Marketing Metrics Number of sales cellsAverage number of Cost per interaction by per lead service calls per day marketing campaign Percentage compliance Number of new Amount of new revenue with service level customers cuired by agreement marketing campaign Amount of recurring Percentage of service revenue Customer rentionate renewal Number of proposals Customer satisfaction Number of new ads by given product Son Man the software-ultra Question: The figures above describe some important Custer Relationship Management (CRM) metrics. What do you think are the three most important metrics from each category (the categories are, as indicated above, Sales metrics, Customer Service Metrics, and Marketing Metrics)? Rank order and briefly discuss why. Please note that your responses should not be more than a page and a half Due Date: April 9, 2021

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Describe some Important Custer Relationship Management (CRM)
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