Paper instructions:

Once you have found an organization or cause to supprt, respond to the following questions in a minimum of two pages of writing.  Note that professional writing is an important part of a real world project like this.  To format your reports in a professional manner here and in the following weeks, be sure to follow this Fieldwork Report Format (Example attached)

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Questions to be answered:

1. What organization or social justice initiative have you decided to focus your fieldwork upon in the coming weeks?  Tell the story of how you decided to focus on the issue involved and how you found an organization that needs help.

2. What are your strengths and personal qualities that will help you make a worthwhile contribution to the organization with which you plan to work?

3. What are you weaknesses that you need to address and to overcome in order to do a good job?

4. What specific goals do you have to guide the contribution that you would like to make to this organization?

5. Finally, what were the 1-2 most important lessons or new insights that you hope to gain from doing this real world social justice project in the coming weeks?

Evaluative Criteria:

Does the report answer all five questions?
Are the answers substantive and interesting to read?
Does the report demonstrate a sincere engagement with what social justice means and with what it takes to DO social justice in a real world environment ?
Is the report presented in professional format and is the writing free of major problems in Standard American Grammar and Punctuation usage?

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