Think of the ministry of Jesus, more importantly, how the message of Jesus spread after the resurrection. Do you see any applications of marketing principles? In 750-1,250 words, please provide the following:


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Describe Marketing and Christianity
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· This section should be designed to provide an overview and landscape of the paper to follow. In one paragraph, tell the writer what they will discover in reading this paper.

· Product
o Think of the message of Jesus, what was the product He was offering?
o As Jesus was preaching, name three segments who were first willing to receive this message (these will be the Innovators).
· Distribution
o What channels were available to distribute the message of Jesus during this time?
· Price
o What was the price of obtaining the message of Jesus (think outside monetary forms)?
· Promotion
o During the time of Jesus and the first Apostles, what methods of promotion were available to promote the message of Jesus?

· As you think of the spread of Christianity, and then think of the marketing strategies, what connections do you see? What do you find fascinating? Write 2-3 paragraphs on your analysis


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