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Organizational Development Process
1.Brief introduction about change and change management in health care
2. why failure in change management from this article:
(Revisiting Organizational Change: Exploring the Paradox of Managing Continuity and Change
Nasim, S., & Sushil. (2011). Revisiting organizational change: Exploring the paradox of managing continuity and change. Journal of Change Management, 11(2), 185-206.)

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Describe Health Care Management.
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3. definition of  Organizational Development

4.Brief evaluation of Organizational Development

5. Main OD Approaches includes only the below 3 model:

A.    Lewin’s 3 step model of change and criticism about Lewin model.
B. Kotter 8 steps models and criticism about Kotter.
C. Appreciative Inquiry and criticism about it .

6. paragraph about importance of stakeholder engagement and commitment and shared vision in the change process ( according to HSE model 2008)

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