Paper instructions;

In Threaded Discussion 2, you took a position about how best to manage the trade-off between aggressively squeezing employees for profits (typically short-term profits) and taking a longer, more sustainable view, based on upholding “human dignity.”  But what does that mean in terms of routine interactions between management and staff?  This is the focus of Paper 1.
1.    What is “emotional intelligence”?
2.    When managers are able to and in fact apply it, does it make a difference in profitability?  Why or why not? Be honest about your beliefs here.  Justify your position.
3.    How can a manager who has a low “EQ” improve it without looking like a hypocrite?
4.    If you were running an organization, would you advocate EQ training?  Why or why not?
Write a 6-page paper.  Use APA guidelines for formatting and for your references.  Because of the nature of this assignment, I encourage you to draw examples from your own life to support your academic research.  Also, there should be at least three peer-reviewed sources in your references, including your class textbook.

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