Upload your word document to the Turnitin link onAulaThis module provides students with insights into different forms of violence, how to conceive of each in atheoretical manner and how to go about making sense of aspects of violent conduct in practice. Teaching material provided over the course of individual lecture topics will approach the subject matter from different perspectives including that of the offender, the victim and society more widely.Skills developed throughout the course are transferable and the module builds on levels 1 and 2, and also provides students with both specific knowledge and general analytical skills that will support students ’ independent research in the research project/dissertation at Level 3. Learning material will also serve as a basis for understanding the topic beyond graduation in furthe reducation or employment settings.Module Learning out comes This coursework covers the module learning outcomes
1.Critically consider the way violence operates within and across particular societies
2.Describe and illustrate the ways that violence is understood by criminology and by legal systems
3.Distinguish between different versions of violent behaviour;
4.Identify traits or factors common to various types of violent actions;
5.Conduct analysis of the fo rm, the extent and impact of violent expression; and
6.Synthesise different research ideas about violence into clear proposals for further theoretical consideration, policy or practitioner action.

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