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Imagine that you are in a position to design a community program or activity related to one of your own interests. Find a local community that you think could benefit from your activity/program. You may choose to identify an existing organization that you could partner with to implement your plan. If you already participate in a civic organization, you may create an activity/program for that group. What would your activity or program be and how might you go about it? Your plans should reflect awareness of the community your project would serve as well as being feasible to put into practice.


–  introduction with thesis: a focused background of the issue you are addressing and/or the community you are serving and a clear presentation of the activity or program you plan to implement
–  background information on the community you have identified
–  plausible reasons for the activity/program, explanation of your idea’s goals, and convincing support on how it could work to benefit the community
–  counterargument: anticipated opposing positions and objections (What might cause your plan to fail?)
–  conclusion
4 pages long/Times New Roman 12/ double spaced

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