Paper instructions:

Write a brief summary of the Unit, including the following:

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Describe a Revolution in Four-Part Harmony.
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• The Great Migration, US
• Johannesburg migration, case study, music
• Chinese migration, floating population, hukou system
• Comparison between the 3 above cases
• Underemployment
• Service jobs/economy
• Precariat
• Double movement
• Labor movement: European, US, relation to cities
• Creative class, critique of
• Mobility, micromobility, traffic, trotro
• Crime: root causes, relation to inequality, labor, and migration
• Attach completed 13th viewing guide

Must include 1 citation from each:
• Wilkerson
• Zhang
• Erlmann
• Elliot
• Webster and Bhowmik
• Ewers
• Wainwright
• Hart
Include bibliography

Extra Credit
Watch the film: Amandla: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony
Write a 1000-word essay, summarizing and reflecting on the film; what role did cities and urban space play in apartheid and the anti-apartheid movement? Include discussion of how urban music and migration played into these experiences. (100 points max)

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