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Scenario:1 Fuel Your Dream is a crowd-funding platform for funding people’s personal and business projects. Five months ago, Peter Pang, General Manager at Smart Securities, a financial services company, invested in an engineering project with 300,000 Hong Kong dollars, a project initiated by Dr Joseph Wong at SAR University. This project, called “Clean Indoor Air”, aims to create an engineered plant system, a system consisting of pot plants whose roots can clean indoor air quality by turning formaldehyde, a toxic chemical, into oxygen. A special air pump is created to provide plant roots with sufficient air flow to facilitate formaldehyde consumption. I Here is a summary of what happened: I Two weeks ago, Smart Securities received from the investee, Dr Joseph Wong, thirty pot plants, each with an accompanying air pump. I Just three days ago, Peter Pang found a similar plant with an air pump on Taobao, a Chinese online shopping site, each set sold for 150 Hong Kong dollars. He emailed to the Director of Fuel Your Dream, claiming that the “Clean Indoor Air” project is a fraud and demanding an immediate refund; otherwise he will inform the press. I Task:1 As the Personal Assistant to the Director of Fuel Your Dream, you are asked to respond to Peter Pang’s email with the notes you made after collecting relevant information. Remember to offer some compensation to Mr Pang as a gesture of goodwill. I Your notes: 1 Bad news: No refund. I Plants: Dr Wong chooses Snake plants; Dragon plants sold on Taobao can’t improve indoor air quality. I Air pump: Dr Wong’s, specially designed, can’t be bought elsewhere; Taobao’s, for decoration purpose, can’t facilitate air flow. I • Compensation: Offer some compensation as a goodwill gesture. I For the purpose of the task, you may create reasonable details as you see fit. I Plan, compose and revise your bad news message following the 5Cs principle (Clarity, Conciseness, Correctness, Concreteness and Courtesy). Demonstrate your ability to write a bad news message with an appropriate tone and style.

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