This document is for Coventry University students for their own use in completing their assessed work for this module and should not be passed to third parties or posted on any website. Any infringements of this rule should be reported to 5PART A (SUBSTRUCTURE)1.Explain with clear technical comprehension the significance and difference of site and ground investigations with respect to a large commercial construction site. 2.Apply the information from your own research and those provided in regards to the construction of substructure elements for industrial or commercial building applications. 3.Clearly illustrate the analysis and evaluation carried out to arrive at yourpreferred design and solutions.4.Demonstrate a professional understanding of a clients’ brief for acommercial substructure project. 5.The delivery of the clients’ brief is to clearly establish the technical analysis carried out besides the application of modern and appropriateengineering solutions after careful evaluation of other alternatives before arriving at your preferred solution/design.6.Your final design should be technically sound and adhere to all statutory and standard construction practice and legal requirementsof the UK including health and safety considerations.PART B (SUPERSTRUCTURE)1.The objective of this section is to demonstrate a professional and

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Demonstrate a professional understanding of a clients’ brief for a commercial substructure project
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