Read the following case study before answering the question below: TQM as part of the TOYOTA philosophy Based on the corporate philosophy of “customer first and quality first since its founding, Toyota Motor Co. won the Deming Application Prize in 1965 and the Japan Quality Control Award in 1970, following the introduction of statistical quality control (SQC) in 1949. Toyota Motor Co. has conducted Total Quality Management (TQM) based on the unchanging principles of “customer first”, kaizen (continuous improvements) and “total participation”. In addition, since the launch of the Creative Idea Suggestion System in 1951, the number of suggestions made has steadily increased, and the system has supported flexible responses to changes that involve monozukuri (conscientious manufacturing), which have made substantial contributions to the company’s development. As a result, the basic concepts of TQM and problem solving, as well as kaizen (continues improvement) through creative innovation, spread throughout the company and took root, contributing to higher product quality and work quality at all levels and ranks and improving the vitality of individuals and organisations. Source: Badenhorst-Weiss et al., 2017:164 Page 4 of 6 SCH4801 ASSIGNMENT 2 2020 2.1 Define quality from a business management perspective. [2] 22 The Six Sigma approach use TQM tools to gain statistical control over an organisation’s manufacturing and related processes. Discuss the six themes of the Six Sigma approach and state how Toyota will benefit in each one of the six themes. Each theme counts 3 marks. [18]

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Define Quality from a Business Management Perspective
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