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Raju is fresh MPharm qualified. He hails from a business family and hence denied campus placements at college since starting his own business was always at the back of his mind.
He is currently observing various formats for the sale of medicines like generic medicine shops, online medicine delivery platforms, traditional medicine shops and the chains like Wellness Forever, etc. He wants to start a medicine store which will be a walk-in mini medicine mall with access to prescribed medicines / generic substitutes and over the counter products. This will aim at educating customers of what they choose, of course will have supervised check out to monitor the right purchase of prescribed medicines.

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Define Knowledge Management
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3.a. With reference to the above case, elaborate on the importance of the right recruitment and selection processes and suggest any two of each that Raju can use.

3.b. Define Knowledge Management. What will be the sources of Knowledge in this store to implement knowledge management?

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