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Subject is Decision making techniques Chucho Matapuercos operates a sandwich shop with which he visits construction projects and industrial zones. Its sandwiches are not very popular because of its freshness and quality, because Chucho uses the best quality ingredients that he buys daily, early in the morning, from his supplier. The ingredients that he buys every day are: DEXARH 30EUZI ead Assorted conaments In addition to the cost of $60.00 of the foods listed above, Chucho incurs other expenses that add up to $ 420.00 daily. These correspond to gasoline, payment of your bus, insurance, paper napkins, plastic wrap for sandwiches and the newspaper of an assistant. Chucho slices meats and cheese in ounces servings; he prepares 300 sandwiches, which is the maximum he can accommodate in his truck. He has no problem selling the 300 sandwiches he prepares each day. The ingredients he does not use discard them to ensure the freshness of their sandwiches. The table below gives the data for the ingredients of each of the five sandwiches he makes, as well as his sales prices. sanotab ley omeses price HIZI NA Formulate a model to find the number of sandwiches of each type that Chucho must prepare daily in order to MAXIMIZE HIS GAIN. Do not forget to define with absolute clarity each of the variables you use in your model as well as its meaning. Be very careful in formulating your objective function without ignoring ANYTHING. Cost – 24 pounds of turkey … $170 – 30 Pounds of hom a $135 – 24 pounds of roast beef… $189. – 24 pound of Switz cheese … $81 – 300 rolls of french breed $90 – condoments * In addition to the cost of $710.00 of foods listed alone Sandutch turkey roastbeef hem cheese Price IPL Yances – – Trance 133.90 MH – Yances – Ilance asso Ham Yources cances $4.50 Zonces Zonces cances zounces $6.25 Jay-Lo Bances sonces /Bonces – $6.75 Gold

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