(Dealing with Anxiety and Negative thoughts) discuss

For this component (Presentation)
1. The presentation should be between 8 and 10 minutes.
2. It should include power point slides or other visual tools that help your audience to
better understand the information
3. In the slides you need to report:
a. Rationale for your review, i.e. why is it important to review interventions in
this particular area/ around this particular topic?
b. Definition of the phenomenon you are focusing on and negative/ positive
outcomes for individuals/ groups/ organizations
c. Study characteristics: how many studies have been reviewed and included in
your report? Peculiarities of the samples, i.e. who were the respondents (their
age, gender, educational background, occupation). Number of respondents
and types of organisations in the reviewed studies.
d. Which interventions proved to be successful and which failed? Why?
e. What are the recommendations for future research and practice?

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(Dealing with Anxiety and Negative thoughts) discuss
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