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one IT component discussed in this course is: database management systems. For this assignment you and your team members (4-5) are required to create a small database using MS Access. You can choose one of the following scenarios: 1 – Primary school database: a. The school needs to record information about its students, teachers, classes b. For each student we need to record (name, ID, email and date of birth) c. For each teacher we need to record (name, ID, email, major) d. Each class should have students’ IDs, teacher’s ID, time and location 2- Restaurant database: a. The restaurant has customers, orders, employees and tables b. For each customer we record (name, mobile, c. For each order we record (order number, total price, time, table number) d. For tables we record (table number, seats) e, has customers. Each customer has a name, account number, balance and branch number • You should create the tables, choose the primary key and fill some data (minimum 5 rows for each table) • Create one form for filling one table of your choice

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Database Management Systems
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