INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (BBB4M) PROJECT # 3: CULTURAL ETHICS IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS INTRODUCTION Preparing to do business in an international c omment requires a lot of work and research! The biggest problem with selling products to different countries is a lack of awareness of that culture. Canadian businesses should never assume that a product that is successful in Canada will be successful anywhere else. You are encouraged to write a report on a cultural ethics and norms of a country with whom you want to do business PROJECT GUIDELINES This project is designed to allow you to research various working environments in a different countries in order to ensure success in the international marketplace. You will be researching at least three credible sources to write a report about the cultural ethic and norms of the country with whom you as a Canadian Business person would like to do business with Students will cither integrate Visuals within the written report to make it more meaningful and Visually appealing or prepare a PPT to accompany the written report. Students are reminded to demonstrate respect and affirm the diversity and interdependence of the world’s cultures YOCH TASK: 1. Select a Country • Choose a Country of your choice to do business with (You cannot choose the same country that any of your classmate did earlier • You cannot choose USA, as the point of this project is to find out more about international cultures 2. Information Required: Your research must include the following information: • Networking and Conversation Topics • Introductions and Business Card Etiquette • Business Communications (Making Appointments and Negotiating) • Entertaining. Dining and Gift Giving (MANDATORY TOPIC) • Public Behavior and Dress • Political Climate (MANDATORY TOPIC • Economic Environment (MANDATORY TOPIC) Plan Your Presentation • Be as creative as you want! You can either use a PPT to back up the Project Report or include visuals within the report to make it more effective You will need to submit: • Your research for your individual topic and your works cited list in APA format ON THE DAY OF THE PRESENTATION Make sure that: • You discuss the report by referring to the visuals or the PPT in a polished and creative manner
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Cultural Ethics in International Business
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