Paper instructions:

There are a total of 100 possible points on this examination.  Your grade will be determined as a percentage of the total.  Each of the questions below can be answered adequately in 1-3 paragraphs.  You may type your answer after each question in this electronic document or provide your answers separately.  Following each question, a number appears in parentheses; this indicates the number of points that a particular question is worth. 

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  1. Identify the FOUR subfields of anthropology and describe their distinct areas of study. (12)
  1. Why is the statement, “The British drive on the wrong side of the road.,” an example of ethnocentrism? (8)
  1. Identify FOUR of the basic traits of culture that were discussed in class. (12)

 How do folkways differ from taboos? Identify TWO ways in which these cultural norms are different? (12) 

  1. If cultural traditions are invented (as was discussed in your Hobsbawm reading), does that mean that there is no such thing as an “authentic” culture? Make sure to explain your response. (8) 
  1. Suppose you are an anthropological consultant and are asked by a local hospital to investigate why the nurses are against mandatory over-time. How might you apply participant observation to address this problem? (16)
  1. According to Clifford Geertz, what are the limits of describing a culture from the perspective of an insider AND what are the limits of using a broader comparative perspective? (12)
  1. Human languages are a unique form of communication that rely almost exclusively on symbols. Describe how symbols work AND provide an example of a symbol element in language in your explanation.  (10)
  1. During one of our classes, we discussed how language can be used to reflect culture. (10)
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