Section 1
In section one you are encouraged to demonstrate your cross cultural competency and awareness. You are advised to choose a selection of workshop materials between weeks 1-6, along with selected authors to support your discussion. Students should demonstrate Reflective Practice and illustrate clearly how your choice of learning materials and reading has helped inform a deeper level of self awareness

Section 2
In section two, you are required to conduct a mini-literature review on the challenges facing cross cultural teams. Please use a maximum of 5 journal articles & no more than 3 cross cultural management consultancy websites of your choice. You are advised to clearly present your findings and consider the implications of these findings for an organisation implementing cross cultural team working for the first time.

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critically evaluate the intercultural skills relevant to managing in contemporary business organisations.
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Students are advised where possible to incorporate research on cross cultural teams that may exist within their own subject discipline such as Tourism, Event Management, Sports Management or business etc.
Section 3 In this section you are required to address and consider what insight can Hofstede’s model of Cultural Dimensions make to our understanding of cultural distance, cross cultural communication and/or cultural conflict in the workplace. You are advised to draw on appropriate writers to help evaluate this model

Section 4 Conclusion
In this section you are required to consider further the learning experiences and reflections contained within your e-portfolio and discuss how these may impact on your role as a future manager/coach/team leader and what actions you may want to take

LO1    To develop an awareness of cross cultural issues.
LO2    To identify differences between societies and national cultures and how these may impact on cross cultural team working
LO3    To critically evaluate the intercultural skills relevant to managing in contemporary business organisations.
LO4    To critically reflect on the interplay between cultural diversity and management practice.

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