Essays are NOT reports. An essay is NOT descriptive. An essay is argumentative.
You should structure your essays according to ideas and arguments, not according to buildings. The buildings should be used only to illustrate your points.
The central questions are designed to help you to think through the complexities of the overall themes/topics. Use the extra questions as thinking prompts to assist you in creating an essay argument that examines the issues in a complex way. Remember that there are no easy answers to these questions. The essay assignment is designed to get you to evaluate different approaches to a topic and then to give you practice at expressing the complexity. Remember that the best essays will focus on a topic through using the broader issues

Additionally, illustrations (original and by others) are encouraged, but must be directly related to the text, annotated and cited where appropriate. As always, Chicago referencing is required (see your Unit Outline for further details).
Points to note:

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Critically evaluate architectural places in terms of cross-disciplinary and contextual relationships;
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All source material MUST be acknowledged and any form of plagiarism will result in the appropriate measures being taken.
Late submissions will be penalised
This project assesses the following Unit Learning Outcomes:

Critically analyse the historical and cultural context of national and local architecture;

Critically evaluate architectural places in terms of cross-disciplinary and contextual relationships;

Critically evaluate the issues and problems surrounding heritage and conservation.

Depth of understanding of the tutorial topic will carry the most weight.

Select local (to you perth australia) examples of the built environment indicated in the

criteria and experience them firsthand: this is a key element in our appreciation and understanding of architecture. It might be interesting looking at a place in a book – but this will never substitute for ‘informed’ experience and familiarity. Take your sketchbook and ‘map’ the place in some way in order to understand it – this does not mean that you have to draw plans – short descriptions, cognitive mud maps or photos will do.

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