Connecting experiential learning theory (Dewey and others), trans formative learning (Memoir, Dirk, and others), neurophysiology’s (Fellowship), Critical Theory (social emancipator) and Trotsky’s sociology-cultural theory. The aim is to write a qualifying paper that will be a precursor to my proposal. This should include the foundational literature and conceptual and theoretical framework that my proposal will be written upon. The prompts should give a guiding framework but the final paper should reflect my inquiry and the state of the art as we know it to be today. I would prefer to keep the same writer for this paper and the writing of my co-writing of my proposal. Must have familiarity with Adults Learning Theory and the way that art is being deployed here. Trotsky has never been brought into this the conversation before so adding his work here is quite new but I would like to see how it can fit. This is for 10 pages on top of and integrated into what I have already written.


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Critical Theory (social emancipator) and Trotsky’s sociology-cultural theory.
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