to create a PowerPoint Presentation.
In this presentation, focus on key elements of the writing process, as advocated by Evan Thomas, and connect these elements with examples from your Applied Research Project to support and demonstrate how your own writing and research skills have been strengthened.
Watch the video clip of Evan Thomas, who is a noted author, editor, historian, and journalist for Newsweek and Time Magazine.
Take some time to listen to Evan Thomas discuss the qualities of sound and effective professional writing.
I ntroduction:
 Informed the viewer of the presentation on the objective of your presentation. (1 slide) 10
Qualities of professional and academic writing (key ideas from Evan Thomas):
 Linear writing
 Topic sentence
 Relevant and sound information
 Plagiarism concerns
 Honesty in the message
 Arguments and counter arguments
 The notion of less is more
 Word choice
 Informing the uninformed reader
NOTE: Focused on five or six of these qualities.
 Demonstrated, in the presentation, how your own writing and research skills have been strengthened based on the proficiency gained in your own applied research project. (5 to 6 slides)
Described key lessons or message to leave with your audience. (1 slide)
 In the note section below each slide, articulated a supportive narration.
 Created slides that are concise and specific to present key points, but used the narration as the script that you would read and present to your audience.

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