Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses the complexity of the frankenstein written by mary shelle. At the same time, Mary Shelley has also related this novel to the scientific and industrial changes that were taking place in the early nineteenth century. This included the impact of the industrial revolution. The concept of galvanism which was a subject of study at that time is used as a theme of the novel. The novel also encompasses many facts related to the life of Mary Shelley, and her personal experiences and encounters have been used in the presentation of this novel. The writing shows the interplay between Mary Shelley and Victor Frankenstein as Frankenstein is the creation of Shelley and the monster in the book is the creation of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley further works on showing the relationship between the monster and Frankenstein. This relation is portrayed in the accounts presented by Frankenstein about the monster and the life of the monster as portrayed by the monster himself.

Frankenstein is an intriguing novel that was written by Mary Shelley and published in the year 1818. This novel has its roots in the scientific changes that were taking place during that period which is the era of the Industrial Revolution when there were abrupt changes in technology. It integrates the theories of “galvanism”, which is a term used to describe the creation of a being by incorporation of life into muscles by the usage of electrical power. The creation of this novel by Mary Shelley can be closely related to the creation of the monster by Victor Frankenstein in the writing itself and the script also provides a perfect interweaving of the account of Frankenstein about his creation as well as the version presented by the monster about his life.

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Create a 9 pages page paper that discusses the complexity of the frankenstein written by mary shelle.
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Mary Shelley had always had an interest in literature and writing ever since she was a small child. She used to sit and write things during her idle time. Her interest continued with her age. At the same time, she was also a daydreamer and used to&nbsp.think of things that were not possible.

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