Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses christian perspectives on self-esteem. Jesus like any other ordinary man, a carpenters son and did not believe that He was the Messiah that was to come so that even after the death of Jesus some people are still waiting for the coming of the messiah. The third view, the view that a person has about their self determine their self-esteem. A person with a low opinion about himself is bound to have low self-esteem that reflects in his relation with others in the form of expressing himself and even seeing others as being superior to him. Christian should be honest about their failures and be proud of their weaknesses for they shall be made strong through the power of Christ (Motaung K, 2014). Instead of Christians looking down on their weaknesses, they should be proud of Christ is manifested in their weaknesses and works through them for the glory of God.

To start with, the Christian view of self-esteem gives a mixed value of self-esteem in social relations (Sabates, 2012). On one hand, the bible teaches about loving another as you love yourself in Mark12:31 while on the other hand, the same bible teaches on self-denial in the book of Mark 5:40 &16:24. The point of loving others as you is misused by the Christians in that they love themselves more. This is an exaggeration of the biblical teaching with some Christians looking down on others with an excuse of loving oneself which is not right. They are expected to show equal concern for others as themselves, which gives fair self-esteem for them. On the other hand, the teaching on self-denial is contradicting in that it teaches people to think low of them. With this they view others as being more important than themselves, thus giving priority to others before them. To strike a balance between self-denial and loving oneself, the understanding of Christ’s teaching on God’s kingdom and the redemption of the sinners by Christ. With this, the Christians will have a self-worth of them, but not pride in themselves in what they have but wait for eternal life.

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Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses christian perspectives on self-esteem.
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