Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses effects of japans reliance on nuclear energy. However, there are concerns over the effects of nuclear-related activities on the health and safety of the human race.

Japan is among the countries that have embraced nuclear energy production, meaning that the country is becoming more reliant on nuclear energy to as the main source of fuel. In fact, Japan, according to The New York Times, relies on nuclear reactors for about 30 percent of all electricity needs (11). However, in March 2011. Japan suffered one of the worst nuclear accidents in world history. The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant experienced a meltdown caused by the combined effects of an earthquake and a tsunami. The 9.0 earthquake and the subsequent 45-foot tsunami were too much for the power plant to withstand thus causing the meltdown. The meltdown led to the emission of radioactive materials into the atmosphere that threatened the lives of the people living near the plant. The events of the Daiichi nuclear plant in 2011 form the basis of this discussion. This paper seeks to identify and analyze the effects of Japan’s reliance on nuclear energy and how the safety of nuclear is undermined by waste disposal and meltdowns.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses effects of japans reliance on nuclear energy.
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In accordance with meltdowns, nuclear energy comes from fuel rods that require to be kept underwater to ensure cool temperatures in order to prevent the rods from melting. A reduction in the amount of cooling water would cause the rods to overheat and melt, thus exerting pressure on the reactor. Such pressure could make the reactors to burst and start emitting radioactive material into the atmosphere. Any country dealing with nuclear energy needs to ensure that nuclear plants are routinely inspected to measure the amount of stress the reactors can withstand. Being heavily reliant on nuclear energy, Japan should be in the lead of ensuring that its nuclear plants are resistant to meltdowns.

Washington Post states that a report released by an independent parliamentary commission, the affected power plant had been already weakened by the earthquake, prior to the tsunami (1). Such a report is worrying, considering how prone Japan is to earthquakes. In an even more daunting admission, the Tokyo Electric Power Company which operates the Daiichi plant revealed that it had failed to take adequate measures to prevent the reactors from melting.

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