Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses comparison of the tv bra for living sculpture and the olympia. The Olympia was done by Edouard Manet, a French painter in 1863. This painting caused such uproar when it was presented at the Salon in 1865 and the authorities at the Salon were forced to put it further up and put two armed guards to prevent the painting from being damaged by the public (Wallace, p.1). The painting encompasses a reclining nude woman being tended to by a black maid while a black cat is on the far right of the bed where the woman is lying gazing rather mysteriously to the viewer of the painting (Tinterow, p.16).

The TV Bra for Living Sculpture is a piece of work done by Nam June Paik in 1969 and is found in the Walk Art Center. It is made of video tubes, television, rheostat, Plexiglas boxes, vinyl straps, footswitches, cables, and copper wire (Smithsonian American Art Museum, p.2). All these were connected to resemble a bra, which is a piece of cloth used by women to hold their breasts in place. According to Salter, p.116, it is used to portray how electronics can be humanized since it entails the use of a TV as a bra. a bra is something that is considered intimate to the female human being, and it is so unlikely that a TV can be used as a bra. That being, the idea was to stimulate the fantasy of finding a new, imaginative, and humanistic use of technology.

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Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses comparison of the tv bra for living sculpture and the olympia.
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Both artists, Edouard Manet and Nam June Paik are renowned artists. This is mostly due to the style of art that they engage in, for example, Manet was known for a series of paintings featuring naked women such as the Le Dejeuner Sur Herbie. On the same scale, Nam June Paik did a number of electronically inspired arts throughout the 1960’s such as the TV chair, Opus paintings, TV cello, and TV garden among others (Smithsonian American Art Museum, p.2). All these pieces of art encompassed electronics being portrayed in a unique way. While the Olympia is made of oil paint the TV bra for living sculpture is made of various electronic devices such as copper wires, cables, switches, and a TV screen. These two pieces have different materials but this does not make them any less desirable.

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