Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses technological changes and leadership styles. Although technology presents numerous benefits to any organization, there is a need for proper implementation as well as critical aspects that need proper consideration if organizations are to reap maximum benefits from technology. Such is necessary for an individual to plan for educational and career development (Allen, 2002). Inline relation with my university study, PDP for me is an opportunity to appraise my education prospects and what I have already learned. It helps me to define my appropriate scheme to meet my academic goals.&nbsp.

Through previous personal development plans, I have come to realize my learning formula that has enabled my entire potential utilization. This formula is in line with Kolb’s learning proposal of learning through experience in the acyclic form (, n.d.). I regularly observe all that is occurring and then have a reflection on the observation. Such contemplation fits well into my system, and I support it with interpretation and training, building up a structure into which I fit the experience. Finally in completing the cycle, I take time to practice every new skill I have learned. A slight deviation from Kolb’s cyclic learning is that while I am going through the cycle, sometimes I tend to spend extra time at some stages.

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses technological changes and leadership styles.
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Nonetheless, on building up Kolb’s proposal, Mumford and Peter Honey proposed four distinct learning styles that I rely on overcoming the challenge I face in Kolb’s proposal. These styles are the activists, the reflector, the pragmatist, and the theorists (, n.d.). A brief diagnosis reveals that: Activists learn by action or doing. pragmatists are careful on what practical. reflectors employ some thought before learning. and theorists prefer comprehension of how the new approach fits into the preceding (, n.d.). After considering the diagnosis, I have established that I am a pragmatic guy. Pragmatists are an individual who prefers a practical way of solving problems and thinks in line with the application of what they are learning. They dislike instances with no practical and their only interest in theories is on condition that they work in practice.

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