Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the impacts of adult education on inmates. The present study has identified that adult education is not entirely different because it substantially involves knowledge as the basic component of every learning process. Inmates must achieve knowledge in order to improve their perspective about life and that the bottom line is to prepare a good future for them and forgetting their past is as just important as the new chapter of their lives. There is an associated learning process involved in here and in order to critically understand this aspect, there is a need to analyze the impact of education on inmates and the benefits of teaching techniques for adults. The proponent, therefore, tries to analyze how instructions within the prison system can educate inmates through best practices. Furthermore, the proponent considers the manner in which adult teaching techniques contribute to the impact of education of inmates. The impact of education on inmates is remarkably an important consideration knowing that it relates to the decrease of recidivism in the United States and the associated cost of holding inmates in prison over time. Thus, understanding the impact of education on the inmate is significant and one of the ways to find it out is to know if there is the corresponding decrease of recidivism or returning of inmates in prison for whatever corresponding crimes they do. There is, therefore, an important analysis that has to be done prior to understanding the reason why there are repeat offenders. This lead to the idea of understanding the importance to educate inmates to understand further some meaningful impacts of education on their lives in the long run. Such an impact can be measurable by the change in the number of repeat offenders who will be confined once again in the row of inmates. The positive impact of education on inmates is viewed to be a life with other developed skills in order to focus attention and learning to more meaningful and productive things instead of making out crimes. The reduction of crimes in the United States is said to result to decrease of population in prison and associated costs and such can be achieved by giving prison industry job, prison job and education programs for inmates.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the impacts of adult education on inmates.
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