Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the formula of magnesium oxide by gravimetric analysis. The reaction between magnesium and oxygen involves the production of heat and is referred to as exothermic (Walker, 2007). The reaction is exothermic because magnesium releases energy when it gives up its outermost electrons to oxygen, which in turn receives the two electrons in its outermost energy shell. An ionic bond is created as a result of the reaction between magnesium and oxygen, and the resultant product is an ionic compound (Zumdahl, & DeCoste, 2012). The figure below illustrates the energetics for the reaction.

The experiment involved the handling of hot items. Therefore, care was taken when handling the hot crucible, tripod stand and pipeclay triangle. All hot items were allowed to cool before handling, and a pair of crucible tongs were used to hold the hot crucible. It was also ensured that the crucible was cool enough before being placed on the weighing balance.

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the formula of magnesium oxide by gravimetric analysis.
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An empty crucible with its lid was placed on the weighing balance and its mass was read and recorded. Approximately 10 cm of magnesium ribbon was taken and wound into a spiral shape and put at the bottom of the crucible. The lid of the crucible was replaced, and its weight was taken and recorded. Thereafter, a tripod stand was set with a pipeclay triangle on top. The crucible was placed on top of the pipe clay triangle with its lid on and heated for about five minutes using the hottest part of the flame.

The Bunsen burner was removed from the flame and allowed to cool for three minutes. The lid of the crucible was lifted using a pair of crucible tongs to allow the entry of air into the crucible. The crucible was heated again for another 5 minutes after which it was allowed to cool. The third cycle of heating and cooling was performed followed by a fourth round, which was carried out with the lid of the crucible partially open to allow the entry of air. Care was taken to replace the lid whenever a stream of white smoke was seen.

The crucible was then placed upside down on a waterproof mat to ensure that any magnesium oxide product that was stuck on the inner surface of the lid was collected.

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