Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses reasons why public education has neglected public education. The article has explained that federal expenditures have increased moderately towards public education. The article has cited several pieces of evidence to show how public administration has neglected public education. The next thing mentioned in the article by the author is the reasons for the separation of public administration and public education. He starts by noting that the reasons are complex and lie in the roots of the field of public education and the federal focus of the public administration. The document has given some of the impacts of this separation and lastly has given the agenda for the future (Raffel, 2007).

The key question that could have been in the mind of the author when writing this article was why the public administration has ignored public education. This can be justified by the fact that the author has given enough evidence to show that public education has been ignored. Some of the evidence includes textbooks, journals, great books and curriculums. In books, for example, the author notes that the discussion of state and local government in the field’s textbooks is limited. He notes that the long-term focus of public administration on the federal government has contributed partly to the neglect of public education in public administration textbooks. None of the public administration textbooks recognizes the scope of public education (Raffel, 2007).

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses reasons why public education has neglected public education.
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Virtually, there is a lack of public policy discussion in these manuals and there is little recognition of principals as public administrators. The author further notes that these books contain topics based on general field subjects such as finance. The second evidence that shows this was the fundamental question of the author was journals. Five public administration journals were analyzed to investigate how much they had covered in public education. It was hence&nbsp.noted that there was very little coverage of these journals on public education. There were only 17 articles that had focused on public education.

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