Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses has or can the west be a chance for islam. They were naturally inspired by what they had known and experienced in their countries of origin”

The democratic society that reigns in America makes major concessions and overtures to all forms of religious practices including education. However, one must address the obvious differences in the social doctrines of Islam and America. Whereas, America has the continuity of a successful democracy, Islam is subject to changes made by approved ulama (scholars). These scholars are often from the Middle East therefore, making changes that suit and reflect foreign sentiments towards American society. These

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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses has or can the west be a chance for islam.
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factors have been a major contributor to the rise in terrorist affiliations amongst Western Muslims, as foreign Sheikhs and Mullahs have used aggression to permeate the social fabric of those who form the modern doctrine of Islamic jurisprudence and education in the Middle East. From there, this contaminated doctrine guides the societal pursuits of American Muslim groups. This catalysis effect has caused groups like Al Qaeda who represent the Wahabi sect of Islam which is made up of a minority of 10% of Muslims worldwide to have a dominant influence on what is taught in western madrassahs because of their significant influence in the Middle East that has been projected across over 60 nations abroad. These problems are greatly increased by the strategic alliance that seen Al Qaeda and their fellow Wahabi scholars join forces with Shia and Sunni scholars in the Middle East which represent the leadership of over 80% of Muslims worldwide. This reality brings serious questions to mind as to how to prevent terror from emanating from the Islamic curriculum of western Muslims who either brought this type of doctrine to America from overseas or seek guidance from those who are influenced by the same. Terror based Fatwahs have always benefited from these types of parameters that continue to control the ‘Islamic education’ in the west.

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The problems noted in the education section clearly present very serious concerns in regard to integration. What type of integration will take place (terrorist intent or democratic reciprocity) It would be extremely nave for one to suggest that a ‘Islamic education’ that is contaminated by those with terrorist intent will not make allowances for societal catalysis effects that are negative and potentially lethal in every sense of the word. It is imperative that western Muslims make significant strides in the way of achieving scholastic autonomy in order to protect their educational system, as this will prove to be a critical step in terror prevention in addition to setting a new precedent in regards to those who think that western Muslims are puppets of scholars in the Middle East.

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