Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses civil engineering design option report. Also, the trams wouldn’t be able to travel at significant speeds and its overhead wires could also cause obstructions along its path. Thus the policy of using of tram as the potential transport choice could be effectively implemented by providing underground tramway and hence would eliminate all the above mentioned disadvantages. Further, a new station at Ratho would also be very helpful as it would be capable to support wider choice of tram services and also helps the occupants in the neighbourhood residential area (Edinburgh, n.d.).

The structure of the landscape shall be strictly confirming to the future aspiration by enhancing and upholding the rich heritage and natural assets in the region (Edinburgh, n.d). Further, appropriate precautions on safety norms conforming to the airport suburbs as per the airport safety guidelines would also be enforced. The eastern side of A8 is expected to turn into urban and hence, the short-term efforts would be to evolve appropriate landscape that would help to consolidate this. Provisions for quality open spaces are the other important aspects that need to be given prominence in the master plan. Protection of ancient monuments, historical buildings and heritage locations, like standing stone at Ratho stations, along this region shall be given due attention in the landscape development. All the new buildings designed shall confirm to the guidelines proposed for sustainable design of building units, which includes BREEAM standards. Considering these principles the major aspects to be considered for Ratho station are retaining the football ground as the focal point for the extended village, promotion of housing units that are mostly of affordable types and creation of special ways for cycling and walking routes.

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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses civil engineering design option report.
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BREEAM based station development.

The sustainable development approaches could be adopted in the design of infrastructure components by following the BREEAM guidelines. The major factors to be considered are to have design plans that would result in special emphasis on cycle ways and pedestrian tracks. Another major features that could be incorporated are strengthening public transport systems with less dependence on private transport and also to have effective implementation of the proposed the travel plans. The important design considerations that need to be incorporated in the design of station facilities are as follows

Incorporation of overall policy of energy efficiency by using energy efficient lighting or using low energy demanding lighting systems could be used to bring down the energy costs at the station significantly. Converting the railway station at Ratho as an energy self-reliant station capable of generating its own power is one of the design objectives. This could be attained by using the mechanical energy obtained from the turning of ticket gates as the passengers passes through it. The implementation of these systems is carried out using appropriate piezoelectric materials which is capable of creating voltages when mechanical stress is applied on it. The successful installation by East Japan railway Company has proven the concept of pooling energy in such ways.

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