Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses csr initiative and its correct perspective. Order 494738 Topic: 2 topics CSR initiative and its correct perspective: The person to whom I am going to put up this proposal is the Human Resource Development Manager of our Organization and the disbursing authority of the funds earmarked for CSR. (Corporate Social Responsibility.) He is empowered to take independent decisions by the Board of Directors. He has the reputation of being a tough official to deal with and the one who gives quick decisions, if convinced about the merit of the proposal. My project related to the grant of $100000 to a NGO that managed a half-way-home for women inmates released from prisons. The NGO supported them for one year from the date of release or till such time they were assimilated in the society, by assisting them to get proper employment, whichever was earlier. “I have just one question,” the HRD Manager asked in a firm tone, “Why should we help the criminals? They were put behind the bars after the due process of law, for having committed crimes. They do not deserve sympathy.” I had anticipated the question. I said, “Sir, no one is a born criminal. By helping a woman to lead a normal life, we not only help one individual, but save a generation. Dire circumstances make one a criminal and many crimes are committed on the spur of the moment. Crime-free world is in the interest of the business establishments.” My project caught his imagination and he sanctioned the grant saying, “Alright boy, you’re up.” 2. What you do is important in business, but how you do what you do is more important: The showroom of this distributor and the premises where he kept stocks stood devastated. The flash floods, unheard in the history of the area, had rendered him broke and two days of the fury of flood waters, had brought him to the streets. Due to some technicalities, he had problems with the insurance company and the legal battle will take a long time. Our company needs to recover about $250000 from the businessman on account of goods given on credit in the usual course of business. The businessman had an impeachable record for the last more than a decade to make prompt payments and enjoyed excellent business reputation. Only his residential premises in a distant county were saved from the fury of floods. “We should take legal steps to attach that property. At least a part of our dues may be recovered,” suggested the Marketing Manager. “Any other suggestions?” asked the Chief General Manager. I remember Joel Osteen who writes, “How limited we become in our thinking. We get so one-dimensional.”(268) I said, “Sir, the businessman must be allowed to start his business and the Company should afford him further credit. He is a man of integrity and he has contributed to the goodwill of the company in a big way in the past. He will pay the outstanding amount definitely, within a reasonable time.” My suggestion was accepted and the businessman turned the corner within one year, cleared our dues and continues to be our top distributor. Works Cited Osteen, Joel. It’s Your Time. 2009.

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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses csr initiative and its correct perspective.
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