Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses how unicief has changed the perception of children. Children have been given particular attention in the world.&nbsp. This is due to the fact that for a long time now, society has been neglecting children and in some societies, the rights of children have been glossily ignored. The UN has made strides in protecting the rights of children and therefore it has created a separate body UNICEF which is given the mission of looking at the welfare of children.&nbsp.

It is in the sense that children are the inheritors of the world. A society that does not take care of its tomorrow is doomed to become extinct in the future. The main responsibility that any parent takes is to bring up a&nbsp.&nbsp. child who will inherit the world and leave it a better place than we have been able to build it. Therefore it is important to bring up children in a way that they feel a part of the world.&nbsp.

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Create a 10 pages page paper that discusses how unicief has changed the perception of children.
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For a long time, children have been treated as less equal beings in society.&nbsp. They have been exposed to all forms of abuse regardless of the future that any community is molding. This has had an effect on the generation that inherits the society as it has come to adopt the same social life that it has been exposed to when still young. It has been shown that children who are exposed to abuses are likely to result in the same means when they grow up since they come to adopt it as the accepted way of life. (Your Rights, 2008)

Children have not only being abused in society but also in the family set up.&nbsp. Discrimination of children has been one of the forms of abuses that have been used against children. In this regard access to family, resources have been dictated by the cultural beliefs and the values that are attached to some sexes. In many societies, males have been given preference over females due to the values that are attached to them. In India history has it that millions of females are still killed when young as they are considered a burden to society. Wives all over the world have been divorced as they don’t bear their husband the preferred child.&nbsp. The fact that we have fails to recognize the rights of each and every child right from the family set up has been the main cause of the lack of observance of children rights in the society.

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